Five Doubts About Golf Products You Should Clarify

Can I play golf?

Usually, the game of golf is considered a game of elitists because of the large stretches of real estate and money involved. It is believed the average golfer has too much time to spare and too much money to care. Although it may seem that playing golf can be particularly expensive, these days anyone can pick up the game of golf, if given the opportunity. If one can make time at least once a week to play golf, it can be a relaxing getaway from the polluted cities. One can easily find affordable memberships across golf clubs in the country. Also, due to less stringent import duties, golf products can be bought for affordable prices these days, especially if bought online.

What items do I need to start playing Golf?

Usually, beginners start off with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and pairing them with a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge and a fairway wood. These clubs are the easiest to handle and provide great learning ability. Compared to professional clubs, beginner clubs are quite cheaper.

Where can I buy high quality Golf products online?

Surprisingly, there are many online dealers that sell high quality golf products. It is recommended to choose a store that accepts returns/exchanges with/or full refund policy because purchasing golf products online can sometimes be a hit or miss scenario. As you may find so many deals and discounts on products, it is important to choose brand authorized websites to keep away from scamsters.

How to pick the right golf equipment?

Especially for beginners, picking the right equipment may be a daunting task. Golf is indeed a complicated sport with so many rules and regulations. Here are the basic items you need to start playing golf:

Right club. The first important thing is choosing the right club for your height. The best option is to get yourself a complete beginner set curated especially for beginners. These sets are usually available at every popular golf stores.

A golf bag. It is important to carry a lightweight bag to transport your clubs and other accessories as you will have a lot of travelling across holes.

Golf balls. Yes! You need to buy your own balls to go to a golf course. One tends to lose a lot of balls during play, especially when you’re a beginner. It is ideal to start cheap with the balls. They are usually sold in packs of a dozen or two.


What to wear to play golf?

Perhaps the only downside to the game of golf is that it comes with an array of formalities. There are many no-no’s regarding the choice of clothing. Also, since golf is played in golf clubs, unfortunately, you are not allowed to wear whatever you want.

Round neck t-shirts, jeans or improper shorts are always prohibited. Rubber shoes, sandals or slippers are strictly prohibited in golf clubs.

It is most ideal to wear collared t-shirts, slacks or chino pants, and full-length shorts (till knees). Proper shoes are a must.

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