Golf Courses in India

Did you know that two of the most loved golfing destinations by many international golfers is in India?

Yes, you heard that right!

Delhi and Jaipur’s golf-courses has been named as one of the most loved golf-courses by golfers across the world which has seen hosting many tournaments and golfing events from around the world.

Golf-courses in India provides a diverse landscape such as the Himalayan foothills, deserts, grass-lands and more which makes playing the game an even better experience for the golf-players around the world.

The first golf club that was established in India was during the 1800’s. Royal Calcutta is not only the oldest golf-courses here in India but is one of the oldest and the significant one in the world as well.

Although the number of golf courses is significantly low accounting to a mere 270 golf courses across nation. However, the Gulmarg Golf Course which is spread out over 7,505 yards having 18 holes and par 72 is not only the longest golf course but also boasts of being in the highest altitude.

Golf has a deep -rooted history in India although it wasn’t as popular until later on. Today, however the scene is changing and there are a greater number of people who are interested in this game.

With the rising popularity towards the game, the quality of the courses and the number of the clubs has been increasing steadily as well. As India has been hosting international golfing tournaments and events across various landscapes in India, it can be assumed that the number of fields and courses will eventually take a better shape in near future.

Not only there are a wide range of tournaments organized various sporting associations but also the game of golf has seen a hike amongst the general population as well.

This can be seen on a positive light as hosting various international tournaments in golf courses in India will bring in more focus and attention to the game eventually leading to better quality of the courses and funds for the national players as well.


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