WELLPUTT First Golf Putting Mat

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This mat brings together all the fundamentals of Wellputt training concepts. Training on the First Mat will later allow you to learn more easily about the exercises on the Wellputt 3M, 4M and 8M mats.

Improve your putting, improve your scores, while having fun!

Features :

  • 2 directions of play – 1 direction for precision, 1 direction for dosage
  • Speed ​​stimpmeter 3m dosing, 3.50m target
  • Visual aids for alignment of the body and head of the putter, range of stroke and positioning of the eyes over the ball
  • Training mode: 3 balls to pass, Performance mode: 1 ball to pass
  • Endorsed by Cameron McCormick (PGA Coach of the Year 2015)
  • 10 exercises available on the packaging and on the “Wellputt App”
  • Length : 3m/10ft
  • Width : 35cm/1.148ft

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