Golf is a breathtaking game. It’s allows you to challenge yourself

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The main objective of the Golf is to move the ball towards the hole and complete it with the least possible strokes. A Golf ground consists of two parts a teeing ground and a putting green. The teeing ground is generally used for long and powerful strokes whereas putting greens are gentle and meant for deft and final touches to complete the hole. The “teeing ground” and the “putting ground” are both prepared areas within a Golf course – a marvel of landscape architecture that puts to test the calibre of the Golfer.

A Golf course is but a series of holes; each hole comprises a teeing ground, a fairway, and a green with a flagstick & hole - referred to as the “pin” and “cup” respectively. Playing 18 such holes would equate to a round of Golf, i.e, a standard game of Golf. Who wins and who doesn’t can be decided by either of two methods. It can be the player who won the most holes or match play. This means that the one with the lowest score on most holes win. It can also be the player with the least number of strokes or stroke play.

So you want to give Golf a try? Then hit the stores with loads of cash to equip yourself with the whatnots of Golf. It is a ball game like no other; choose from a range of Golf clubs – wood, iron, or putter. Your caddie gets to carry around a maximum of 14 of these in the Golf bag, along with the tee needed for the first stroke, gloves for a supreme grip, and a never-ending supply of pock-marked, white, spherical, Golf balls. These runner-cored balls, designed to fly farther than normal and with an ability to spin, carry the destiny of the player as it soars through the sky after each swing of the club.
Once a player strikes the ball, the outcome depends on the power behind the stroke and the mercy of the nature. Then you find the Golf players and caddies - dressed in their ubiquitous country club attire and Golf caps - meandering around the different bunkers, water hazards, trees et al, trying to find their way to the Golf balls hidden amidst a treacherously inviting expanse of green.

The game ends only when each player is able to hole their ball, as many strokes as it would need to do so. One might choose to “surrender the hole” by simply picking up the ball and placing it in the hole. Playing this game at the elite level requires the understanding of a complex maze of rules and regulations about par, player’s handicap, points and penalties as set up by The R&A & the United States Golf Association.

The spectators too need to exhibit patience and respect for the players as they work hard for hours making smart strokes and understanding the terrain. The players also need to imbibe a long list of impeccable Golf etiquettes. Therefore, we can say that Golf is a true gentleman’s game.

In spite of a tag of ‘the rich man’s game’, Golf has radically changed the life of so many kids; pulling them up from the streets or out from the depths of poverty and placing them bang in the middle of glamorous Golf tournaments. To promote the true spirit of the Golf, Asian Sports presents a wide range of Golf equipment and accessories. From here, you can avail the complete golf set or individual accessories as per your requirement. Only the finest quality accessories such as Golf drivers, Golf balls, Golf carts, Golf gloves, putter grips, cart bags, stand bags, Golf clubs, Golf caps, and a lot more are available at reasonable prices here. For more information you can check their official website by clicking here.