How Golf Can Help You Improve Your Health

Did you know that you could actually lose weight by golfing? In fact, not just weight loss, there are so many health benefits to the game of golf that you may not have previously imagined.

Here are 7 reasons to show why golf is one of the most beneficial sports to improve the quality of your health.

Heart health.Our heart is a muscle which means that it needs exercise. Carrying the heavy golf bags and walking across the golf course not only increases blood flow and heart rate, but also lowers your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Weight loss. According to several health platforms and doctors, the golden number of steps needed per day for weight loss are 10,000. An average game play of 18 holes can easily help you reach that target especially when you walk and not use a golf cart.It isrecommended to play golf at least thrice a week to aid in your weight loss.

Low injury. One of the best things about the game of golf is that it is a very lethargic sport. There is hardly any physical activity other than swinging and walking which makes golf a very low injury-risk game. This is also why golf can be a popular choice of sport amongst elderly men and women.

Improves sleep. Although golfing may seem like not much work, walking around the golf course, swinging balls and bending now and then can be seriously tiring. Not using golf carts and instead walking across holes helpsin burningcalories. As a matter of fact, many doctors also recommend golfing to fight sleep apnea, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Relieves stress. Golf is one game that is very popular amongst high profile politicians, businessmen and doctors. Their work is usually very strenuous and requires compulsory breaks. Now, who doesn’t like taking a break from the chaotic cities to walk and play amongst plush greenery?

Improves mental health. Not only is golf a big boon to your physical health, it also majorly helps your mental health. Golf requires a lot of attention and focus which improves your concentration. Playing amongst greenery, away from daily stressors reduces stress, which plays a major role in depression and other mental illnesses.

Prolongs life. Since golf is played in huge acres of land, these golf courses are usually found in outskirts of cities that are wary of different kinds of pollution. Spending quality time at a golf course is sure to give your body, especially your lungs a well-deserved break from the harmful chemicals and pollutants. When you add all the benefits of this game, you can be assured that you will add a couple of years to your life.

Coupled with healthy eating habits, a good sleep schedule and proper lifestyle, golf can be particularly beneficial to yours and your loved one’s health.

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