1. The basics of Golf

A precision game of club-and-ball in an attempt to draw the ball into the holes in lowest number of strokes can be used to define golf in layman’s terms. Well, of course there are nits and grits to the game which can be understood once you enter into the course.

Golf is being widely played across the world and is often considered as a game of affluent. However, with the rise in its popularity, the game has been reaching far and wide. The game is being played with the use of various types of clubs that are used for different holes. Golf is one such game that doesn’t require a standardized playing area, instead it is played on the courses.

The aim in the game is to reach 18 holes and whosoever finishes to strike the ball into all 18 holes with the least number of strokes, wins the game. The course in which the game is played is of 9 holes or 18 holes. In case, the course consists of 9 holes, the game is played twice to reach to the 18 holes.

Golf is one such game that doesn’t require a standardized playing area, instead it is played on the courses. It is important to understand the depth of the game to enhance the skill. It is integral to have the correct posture while striking the ball in order to hit the ball in the correct way. Additionally, the grip on the club and the striking rate plays a vital role in the quality of the hit by the players.

As like any other game, constant practice is the key to get better in the game of golf as well. So, if you are making an attempt to try your hands in golf, don’t hesitate to grab on those clubs and enter the world of this amazing game which has been played for so many years in nations worldwide.

A game which takes concentration and precision is not only fun to play but also can be valuable for developing a fitness routine.



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It is a standard acknowledgement that right gear and equipment play a vital role in enhancing the skill of playing any sport. Therefore, it is indeed a worthy investment to make to get the game done right.

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Playing golf was considered to be an expensive deal but not anymore. With all the authentic golf accessories at asiansports.in you can play the game without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, all the amazing accessories can be yours with a click and help make your golfing game come true. So, you don’t have to prolong your game due to lack of reliable source in purchasing the materials required for the game. All that you need to play this wonderful sport is available at one place at the lowest rate you can imagine. So, hurry and go get yourself the best quality equipment from these multi-sports gear online store across India.



  1. Golf Sport in India

When it comes to an economically growing nation like India, Golf can be said as one of the major rising sport. As in the past and somehow even to this day, this game is considered as one of the luxurious sports that there is. This is more so because of the membership fees which are usually on the higher side taking in note the large sector of people who fall on the lower-middle class when it comes to the finances. Also adding to that are the additional costs of the equipment and accessories such as cart, ball, clubs, gloves and more that are required to play the game of golf.

However, with the game getting the attention from around the globe, it can be said that the game has been reaching to various group of people who show keen interest in this major sport. Also, with the rise in the income in the urban sector, golf has been gaining mass popularity amongst the office-going citizen in the cities and growing towns.  Successful golfers in India such as Jeev Milkha Singh and Anirban Lahiri have also contributed in popularizing the sport.

A game which was once considered a far-sighted thought to majority of the people in India sans the selected upper-class group, today has successfully managed to bring forth it’s exciting adventure to other people as well. And it won’t be a distant thought to think that as like any other game, this beautiful game will also hold its stature in India as well.

Golf is being played today in the hills and high Himalayan, in major metropolitan cities and in small towns as well. Golf can be easily played in a vast variety of landscapes in India from the foothills, to tea estates, out in the deserts or surrounded by the forests and even beside the lake, the charm of this amazing sport is slowly and steadily paving its way in the Indian sport scene.

The diversity of courses that India provides for this game is what makes playing the game here even more prolific and outstanding.


  1. Golf accessories in India

With the rise in popularity of this wonderful game of golf, there has been seen the growth in the sport-store providing a wide range of golf accessories as well.

And rightly so, with a game like golf, there are indeed a wide scope for the sellers to get ringing in some cash while on the other hand, it has become easier for amateur and pro golfers alike to get various equipment and accessories that are needed to play the sport. The most common accessories include golf-balls, golf-caps, stick, full set, trolley, cart, clubs, gloves and more.

As like any other sport, buying the right accessories is extremely important for the players to play the game well. And thus, the golf scene in India is seeing a major break-through. These days it isn’t difficult to purchase a wide range of golf-accessories in India. Many national to international brands have opened up stores in corners around the country to cater to the rising number of people who are interested in playing golf.  Also, are the high number of online sporting stores which sell variety of gears where you can buy all that you need to play the game of golf. Whether you are looking for the full set or simply some wedges, irons or ball, you can purchase everything from the comfort of your home.

The rise in online store has been a boon to the rising golf-players as they can avail a higher discount on the gears to make their golfing-dreams come true.

From apparels to every tiny thing that you need to play the game is now available in India. Golf accessories in India is being made available far and wide as a great deal of potential is seen ringing. With the variety of landscape that India provides to play the game, India is considered as one of the top courses to play the game of golf.

So, if you are interested to try your hands-on golf, worry no more as you can avail all accessories that you need to play this wonderful game from your nearest sporting store or shop online as well.



  1. Golf tournaments in India


Golf-tournaments in India is one of the rising popular sporting events in India. As with golf becoming a highly professional game and with the rise in its popularity amidst the golf-players and lovers across the nation, funding or sponsorship has become a vital part of the sport.

There are many professional tours in India which are being organized by professional Organizations such as PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) who are responsible for curating the events, bringing in sponsors and regulating the tours. 

Here are some of the significant golf events in India which includes the Eagleton open Amateur, Pune Amateur, Coimbatore amateur, RCGC Cup, Jaypee Open Amateur, Noida Open Amateur, and All India Amateur to name a few. Golf tours in India as a theme cover many places - Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Gulmarg. Golf Courses in Delhi and Jaipur are highly admired by golf lovers worldwide.

There are some other private tournaments organized by many different organizations as well.  Hosting a golf-tournament in India is only helpful in reaching out to maximum number of people in India but along with the flow of income also adds up to the advantage. Also, what makes Indian landscape even more interesting to hosts these wide variety of golfing tournaments are the diverse landscape that the country provides.  

From grassy terrains, to courses in midst of the forests, deserts to snowy foot-hills, the view and the courses are amazing and playing in courses as such makes the sport even more exhilarating. Moreover, India has the pride of housing the world's highest golf course which is located at Gulmarg in Kashmir.

The golf-tournaments is essentially beneficially to amateurs and pro golf players alike as they get the maximum visibility and can show off their skill which can eventually lead them into playing at national and international level. Other than the recogniti0n and fame that can earn from these tournaments, ace players are also given cash prizes which varies from events to events. You can find all the information that you need about these wide variety of golfing events and tournaments from the Professional Golfers Association in India.



  1. Golf Courses in India

Did you know that two of the most loved golfing destinations by many international golfers is in India?

Yes, you heard that right!

Delhi and Jaipur’s golf-courses has been named as one of the most loved golf-courses by golfers across the world which has seen hosting many tournaments and golfing events from around the world.

Golf-courses in India provides a diverse landscape such as the Himalayan foothills, deserts, grass-lands and more which makes playing the game an even better experience for the golf-players around the world.

The first golf club that was established in India was during the 1800’s. Royal Calcutta is not only the oldest golf-courses here in India but is one of the oldest and the significant one in the world as well.

Although the number of golf courses is significantly low accounting to a mere 270 golf courses across nation. However, the Gulmarg Golf Course which is spread out over 7,505 yards having 18 holes and par 72 is not only the longest golf course but also boasts of being in the highest altitude.

Golf has a deep -rooted history in India although it wasn’t as popular until later on. Today, however the scene is changing and there are a greater number of people who are interested in this game.

With the rising popularity towards the game, the quality of the courses and the number of the clubs has been increasing steadily as well. As India has been hosting international golfing tournaments and events across various landscapes in India, it can be assumed that the number of fields and courses will eventually take a better shape in near future.

Not only there are a wide range of tournaments organized various sporting associations but also the game of golf has seen a hike amongst the general population as well.

This can be seen on a positive light as hosting various international tournaments in golf courses in India will bring in more focus and attention to the gam eventually leading to better quality of the courses and funds for the national players as well.


  1. India’s best golfing destinations


Are you due for a long weekend and want to escape to some luxurious destination?  Have you been wanting to play golf at the best courses in India?

Or did you always wanted to experience playing golf at the best destination?


Well, if any one of the above questions is yours; well, then, here’s your answer.


Not only are these amazing destinations boasts of being one of the best in India but also provide the full-fledged luxury experience with all the amenities that you can hope for. It can actually turn out to be a golfing vacation experience that you might have dreamed about for years.


  1. Delhi:

Delhi is one of the top favorites of golfers out there. Delhi hosts more than 20 golf courses which provide all the facilities that you’d want from any golfing destination. The most popular ones include; Delhi Golf Club, Golden Green Golf and Country Resort, Jaypee Greens Golf Resort, Classic Golf Resort and many others.


  1. Goa:

The Picturesque Goa makes playing golf here even more interesting. You can find various resorts that provide in-house golf courses and conveniences to their guests. The Intercontinental, Ramada, Taj Exotica, Leela Palace amongst many others are the top destination for your golfing vocation.


  1. Bangalore:

Bangalore hosts one of the major golfing destination in India which are extremely professional and is filled with all the fun experiences.

The major golf courses in the city are Green Acres and Fantasy Golf Resort, Bangalore Golf Club, Eagleton, India International Golf, ACS golf course and Tennis Private Limited and others. 


  1. Kolkata


Kolkata has one of the oldest golf courses in the world which was established in the early 1800’s. The finest golfing spots in the city of Calcutta are Calcutta Ladies Golf Club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Tollygunge Club, Fort William Golf Course and many others. Kolkata is the right place for discovering the deluxe golf courses in India.


  1. Mumbai

Mumbai provides various plush golfing destinations in India. Here, you can find. Although Mumbai has only 9 golf courses but you can find exceptional service when it comes to experiencing this wonderful game of golf.



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With the rise in popularity of the game, there are end numbers of sport store providing various equipment for wide variety of sport out there. Then, what is an issue right! Well, all these branded stores do provide equipment that you’d require to try your hands-on golf or want to re-new your golf set but thy often come with a hefty price.

The costs, although might be bearable by the professionals but if you are an amateur or a new player who wants to take up on the game, the high costs can be a tad bit difficult to maintain.

That is where www.asiansports.in comes into the picture. Not only the online store provides you with the latest equipment and accessories such as golf-caps, golf-balls, carts, apparels, carts, balls, sticks, trolleys, bags or the complete set and more; the prices are aimed at fulfilling the people’s desire of playing golf.

All the equipment that are sold by www.asiansports.in are of highest quality but also are within the affordable price range. That absolutely doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised in any way.

So, if you are on of those active golf-players who want to get new set of items for your game or whether you are a newbie, you are just a click away from getting your hands on all those wonderful gears without burning a hole on your pocket. Shop from the comfort of your own home for the latest collection of all golf-related accessories and equipment.

The easy return policy of the online store makes it even more convenient if you want to exchange any gears. However, that might hardly be necessary as there are always large number of collections of all the accessories that you’d want for the game.


  1. Golf sport as a career option


In a nation like India, where Cricket holds the majority’s interest and where games like boxing, tennis, badminton are gaining popularity, where does golf stand as a career option?


We can’t deny the fact that golf as a sport has a long way to go in terms of the mass popularity. But also noted to be is the fact that, it has indeed made a surge in the number of players who are interested in playing the game on a professional level. The popularity in India can be contributed to global rise in terms of its visibility through the medium of internet and media.


So, where does Golf stand actually in India?


Is it viable to take it as a career option?


These are the question which might be wondering around in people’s mind, especially those who keep keen interest in the game.


With multiple tournaments and events being organized across the country at various level, there is a high possibility for amateurs and professionals alike to make a name for themselves. These tournaments are organized on national as well as international levels and are often run with huge sponsorships. This gives the game more visibility amongst other benefit that the players can avail.


The route to becoming a professional golf player isn’t a cake-walk when it comes to India but what really is right! It isn’t a walk on the spear though too.

With right training and continuous practice, you could surely become a professional golfer.

Successful golfers in India such as Jeev Milkha Singh and Anirban Lahiri have also contributed in popularizing the sport and your dream of becoming a golfing professional and taking golfing as a career option can surely be achieved with hard work and determination and keeping yourself updated on the working condition of the sport as well.


Professionals around the world who have been playing golf for years have always maintained that practice is the key. With the right training and setting yourself up for playing in various tournaments can surely give you a go-ahead at knowing the nits and grits of the game at a professional game.

  1. History of Golf

“Golf is an exercise which is much used by a gentleman in Scotland……A man would live 10 years the longer for using this exercise once or twice a week.”
Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745 – 1813).


Scotland is the first nation in the world to have played golf. However, when it comes to India, the history of it can be tracked back to the 19th century. In fact, India was one of the first country, outside of the Great Britain, to implement golf as a sport. The first golf club of India was initiated in 1829 which is now known as the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC). 

 The number of golf clubs were growing at that point of time. The establishment of RCGC cemented the way for the groundwork of the Bangalore Golf Club in 1876, Royal Bombay Golf Club in 1842, and the ShillongGolfClub in1886.
 The opening of national-level golf tournament in India began in 1892, with the Royal Calcutta Golf Club serving as the host to the inaugural of All-India Amateur Golf Championship. The tournament has the reputation of being the second oldest tournament in the world, after the British Open (1860). The various golf clubs in India functioned under the association of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, up until the 1950s.

Few years down the line, a group of expert golfers established the Indian Golf Union (IGU), which is the supervisory organization that aims at the promotion and management of golf as a sport in India.

The year 1958 is the spinning point in the history of golf in India. It was at this time, when the Indian Championship was lifted from the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, to be played alternatively at three venues - Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. Another development worth mentioning is the inauguration of Indian Open tournaments in 1964, which is now held annually in different parts of the country. Golfing in India has navigated a long way since then. A large number of proficient Indian golfers have arisen over the past years. They have excelled in the sports and have gained recognition both at the countrywide and global levels.