What are the benefits of swimming?

The word swimming sends vibes of summer down our bodies. No matter who you are, young or old, male or female, a good amount of time at your friendly swimming pool or the beach can be extremely relaxing.

If you haven’t already experienced any benefits from swimming, here are a couple of benefits from taking up swimming as your everyday activity.

Full-body workout!

A 30-minute session of swimming uses all the muscles in your body. Yes, you read that right! Every single muscle in your body is put to work with a gentle breaststroke or a hammer butterfly technique.

Relaxes you

With the polluted streets and stressful jobs of today, a simple session of swimming in clean water can help soothe your mind body and soul.

Burns calories

Your body works harder underwater than on the ground. It means that you burn nearly twice as many calories from swimming than your regular cardio. Swimming is a refreshing alternative to cardio. This means weight loss – at a breeze.

Lowers heart disease

A lot of aerobic activity is involved in swimming. It constantly involves rapid movement of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Good amount of blood and oxygen are circulated amongst your airways and heart keeping your cardiovascular fitness at check.

Improves sleep

There is something about swimming that insomniacs attest to. It is said that swimming engages all your body, hence, your body demands from you a good night of sleep. It has been known to help people recover from irregular sleep patterns effectively.

Exercise without sweat

Working out in a gym full of sweaty people can be especially dirty and disgusting. Alternative? Swimming! While you may know this already, remember that a gym seat could contain more bacteria than your toilet seat.

Diabetic control

Research has shown that swimming can have revolutionary benefits to those suffering from type II diabetes. It helps manage blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity.

Good for lung diseases

Swimming is great for people with sinusitis, DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum), and asthma. The moisture from the water prevents your airways and bronchial tubes from drying out. It is the best exercise for people suffering from such chronic lung diseases.

Improves social well-being

Just like cricket, badminton or golf, you can have your party to go swimming with. In fact, swimming does not have an age limit. It means that people of all ages can develop their clans, take swimming classes together, or workout together.

Mental training

Swimming has also been known to improve memory function, especially in youngsters. This is great for classrooms and mathematics. For adults, it improves inflammation and promotes new brain cell growth.

Minimal gear

Unlike golf, cricket, badminton, or any other popular sport, there is hardly any complicated gear involved in swimming. Since most are just classified as ‘accessories’ you wear to a pool, none of them require you to train or learn equipment. Learning in swimming only involves your body.


Swimming is one of the most rewarding and ‘fun’ sports out there. It can have benefits beyond your average workout routines at your gym, field, or course. Remember that it is never too late to start swimming.

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