What are some secrets to a good golf swing?

We believe that there are no actual ‘secrets’ to a golf swing. However, there are many techniques you can follow to achieve a good swing. It might seem new to follow these methods in the starting, but you will get better at it as you practice.

Grip properly

Gripping your club properly is the most important step to having a good golf swing. Keep your hands low as you attempt to swing. Lower the hands, the lower the ball flight. And as you limit the height of the flowthrough, it will greatly affect the aim of your ball.

Use your body for power

More often than not, you might feel like your hands hold your strength and try to hit the ball with your forearms or shoulders. But every good golfer knows that power must come from your body and not your arms or hands. Get to your regular swing position, grip properly, and try to swing the ball with force exerting out of your body.

Hit the ball far with less effort

The lesser you put effort into shooting your balls, the better focused and strong you stay. Try to focus on shorter backswings during swinging. Also, allow proper bending of your left arm (right arm if you are left-handed.) This proper positioning ensures that you have a proper mechanical advantage.

Have a proper stance

The stance must be very important before you attempt your swing. First, place your feet shoulder-width apart while making sure your body is parallel to your target. Then, place your back foot perpendicular to your intended ball flight. Then, slightly bend your upper torso while slightly flexing your knees.

This is a very common position used in other games like shooting, etc. It is very important to have the right position to attempt your swing.

Perform your swing

Before actual play, experiment with weight distribution, swing speed, rotation, and body position by swinging your club in the air. This should help you achieve a perfect swing during actual play.

Balance properly

As you swing your club, make sure to gradually shift your weight to the back foot so that there is very little weight on your front. A proper weight transfer should have your weight moving back during the backswing and forward through the downswing. It is especially important to keep our body relaxed as you perform this swing. It seems impossible but a good practice will get you there very soon.

While you follow these methods make sure to keep your swing continuous. Do not lose momentum ad start your downswing ad step into the swing with your front foot complete and then swing.

Keep in mind that a good swing takes ages to master. Keep practicing these methods to achieve a good swing eventually. Make sure to hold your grip tightly since an improper grip might lead to injuries.

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