Is golf a sport?

Golf has been one of the most controversial regarding this one reason – Is golf a sport?

To understand this, we need to look at the definition of golf. By many definitions, sport is defined as an activity that includes physical exertion/exercise in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment. According to this, golf fits the definition of sport perfectly.

Then, why is there a question – Is golf a sport?

To your surprise, golf has been played for a very long time. It has been played longer than even some of the very popular sports like football, soccer, basketball, etc. Since time eternity, many have argued that golf is just a game owing to the fact that there is a lack of physical exertion or an age limit or the presence of any speed in the game. Some other reasons why golf is considered a game is because one can play while injured, unlike other sports. There is no age limit for golf unlike the other sports and it is also argued that golfers are not athletes since one does not need to be at their physical best to play golf.

However, we think that golf is a sport. It takes practice and a lot more to just be an average golfer. Here are some reasons why we feel that golf is actually a sport:

  • It requires distinct flexibility of the core as well as muscle control, just like every other sport out there.
  • It requires talent, skill, practice, and most importantly strong focus and patience.
  • The famous PGA Golf Tour is highly regarded by many viewers and players.
  • Golf is an Olympic Sport. It was reinstated by the IOA (International Olympics Association) in 2016 and more than 60 individuals have participated at the Olympics in 2016.
  • Golf is highly competitive, has a mental part, and also requires physical exertion. An average 5-hour golf session can burn over 700 calories.
  • One golf swing uses 17 muscle groups in the coordinated movement of your hand, wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs. To compare, basketball-only uses about 4.
  • Professional golfers practice just as much as weight-lifters or gymnasts. They need to be able to hit drives that go 400 yards or more.
  • Golf requires a great amount of precision. Propelling a tiny ball over 400 yards in an area just 20-30 feet wide is a challenge since not being able to place the ball correctly may have the player disqualified.

Although there may be speculation about golf being an actual sport, we think that it is. It includes everything that a sport involved, if not more. It can be a great benefit to your health, tone your muscles, and even burn calories just like any other sport. We think that one of the best things about golf is the fact that golf can be played by anybody of any age. This ensures that everybody can participate in a sport, despite age or other limitations. At AsianSports, we aim to keep the spirit of golf alive and encourage you to make golf a part of your everyday life.

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