How difficult is it to play golf?

Ironically, golf is one such brilliant game that is popular for all the wrong reasons. One popular belief regarding golf is its difficulty. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as the most difficult game in the world. Also, it requires a number of mental and physical challenges, a huge amount of land, time and most importantly money. Now, it’s all in the seventh heaven to be striking gold in your swing. But in the end, is golf really difficult to play? Well, according to us, it is complicated.

To be honest, we agree with some of the reasons why golf can be a difficult game to play. The top reasons are because:

  • It requires tough mental challenges through the course of its play.
  • Most field games are quick and fast paced. Golf being slow, requires a lot of skill that may take years to master.
  • A golf course can cost a lot of money. A lot!
  • Golf cannot be termed the most eco-friendly game in the world.

How difficult is it to play golf


A golf swing is not just hitting your golf ball. It is a simulation of complex series of muscle movements that need to be combined together every time you hit the ball. Each muscle must be times perfectly in each swing that you perform on the course. Impeccable hand-eye coordination plus a flexible upper body with strong muscles will help you achieve a consistent swing every time.

Ideally, a rookie golfer must perform at least 10, 000 such swings to just be able to perform it consistently. Mastery might take several thousand more such swings.

Mental strength

Okay, you have mastered the art of golfing. Now you pick up your club and ball to hit your shots. You hit two great shots over 400 yards on a long par to within a couple of feet of the hole. Then you miss the following putt because you don’t know how the green moves, where the bumps are and how to hit the ball. Let’s assume that you got one out of luck, don’t forget that there are 17 more.

The golf course

Any golf course is never standardized to certain dimensions or features. Unlike any other sport in the world, a golf course contains bumps, bunkers, rough, water, trees, slopes and so much more. Imagine trying to hit a tiny ball several hundred yards away while aiming at a hole as tiny as the ball itself and you can’t determine what kind of area your ball is going to land at. And then, you hit it into a bunker or the rough. Think about how devastating that might be.

Can golf ever be easy?

We don’t intend to imply that golf is impossible to play. Thankfully, as challenging as golf may sound, it is just as rewarding. It is considered to be a mentally relieving game that several businessmen across the world prefer for leisure. Even the equipment of golf is designed in such a way that it can simplify the game for rookie golfers. And then, just take a couple of your buddies to play the game with you. You can play friendly challenges and get the daily dose of gossip while driving your caddy towards the next putt. Also, there are a number of formats to golf. You can use the same course to play multiple types of golf.

Strokeplay is where you need to hole out to have a valid score. This is usually the toughest game to play. Stableford or match play golf do not need you to finish every hole to complete or have a valid score.

No doubt golf is tough to play but that does not mean that it is not for you. Even the most novice players can play well and actually enjoy the game. The difference stands out in-between whether or not you are consistent with the game.

We hope that this article helps you understand the myths and stereotypes about golf and whether or not it is actually a difficult game to play. If you think it is for you, pick up your golf equipment from

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