Golf sport as a career option

In a nation like India, where Cricket holds the majority’s interest and where games like boxing, tennis, badminton are gaining popularity, where does golf stand as a career option?

We can’t deny the fact that golf as a sport has a long way to go in terms of mass popularity. But also noted to be is the fact that it has indeed made a surge in the number of players who are interested in playing the game on a professional level. The popularity in India can be contributed to a global rise in terms of its visibility through the medium of the internet and media.

So, where does Golf stand actually in India?

Is it viable to take it as a career option?

These are the question which might be wondering around in people’s mind, especially those who keep a keen interest in the game.

With multiple tournaments and events being organized across the country at various levels, there is a high possibility for amateurs and professionals alike to make a name for themselves. These tournaments are organized on national as well as international levels and are often run with huge sponsorships. This gives the game more visibility amongst other benefit that the players can avail.

The route to becoming a professional golf player isn’t a cake-walk when it comes to India but what really is right! It isn’t a walk on the spear though too.

With the right training and continuous practice, you could surely become a professional golfer.

Successful golfers in India such as Jeev Milkha Singh and Anirban Lahiri have also contributed in popularizing the sport and your dream of becoming a golfing professional and taking golfing as a career option can surely be achieved with hard work and determination and keeping yourself updated on the working condition of the sport as well.

Professionals around the world who have been playing golf for years have always maintained that practice is the key. With the right training and setting yourself up for playing in various tournaments can surely give you a go-ahead at knowing the nits and grits of the game at a professional game.

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