3 Important Things You Must Know Before Playing Golf

When you begin playing golf, you might feel like there is too much to learn. This includes everything from the rules, how you swing a club, etiquette, what to wear, and how to navigate a course. That said, golf does not really have to be all that complicated. We share with you the top 3 things to know before playing golf so that you are well acquainted with the basics. Get ready with your golf ball, a golf stick, and a golf umbrella


  1. Am I required to book a tee time?

It is crucial to remember that when playing golf for the first time, you must book a tee time. Doing that will allow you to know that you can play at the most convenient time for you. Also, some courses take tee times on the phone too, although you can even book it online now. You can choose a golf course that is closest to you or one that you particularly like or prefer for your weekly golfing ritual. Also, remember that your tee time begins the moment you start hitting and not on check-in. Therefore, you must ensure that you are at the golf course at least half an hour prior to your tee time so that you have enough time to adequately check-in as well as get your cart. A Starter will typically check you in.


  1. What is the required outfit while playing golf?

Golfers often wonder what to wear when golfing. To begin with, you must check if the course you have chosen to play has a certain dress code. Usually, men are expected to wear a collared shirt as well as khaki pants. Women can wear a polo or collared shirt paired with skorts (a combination of a short and a skirt) or pants. Athletic pants and jeans are a big no-no when golfing. You might also require golf shoes. However, ensure that the shoes have non-metal cleats or soft spikes because most golf courses do not allow metal spikes. The best idea is to call the course and request details on the appropriate attire while golfing.



  1. Which clubs should I own for playing golf?

It is crucial to take the right equipment with you to a golf course as it assists you in following the etiquette and rules of golf. Golf bags are a necessity when going golfing as they can carry all your equipment. There should not be over 14 clubs in your bag, although you can have less than that number. You must start with a driver, a sand wedge, a putter, and can also add a 6-iron, a pitching wedge, an 8-iron, as well as a hybrid or a fairway wood.


Final Words

Golfing is not as daunting a game as beginners consider it to be. If you are looking to buy some golf products online, check out https://www.asiansports.in! The golf ball prices we offer are quite reasonable, as are the prices for other golf equipment.

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